Happy Ocean Days!

Hello lovely marine creatives, I hope you are enjoying this start of summer safe and healthy around the world!

I am quarantining in a basement in Rome’s suburbs after my trip back from the NorthWest US coast. Today I share my latest blog post, through which I celebrated the World Ocean Day and involved some of my followers in a creative project!

They helped me creating a new version of my song “Monk Seal’s Home”, by making special home-made sea sounds effects… 😀 It’s been a new fun experience of remote outreach!

Here is the link to the post, and some pics from it!

on www.heronontheroof.com

I also introduced a new initiative that will bring me celebrate the Ocean on a more regular basis: aiming to give a more complex view of the sea, its habitants and connections as well as our relation with it, I will interview different people and bring their perspectives to my blog. There’s gonna be more than just one ocean day!

First interview will be with Luigi Bundone -who with his stories inspired the song Monk Seal’s Home 🙂

Happy ocean days to all of you!

Hugs ,


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