Altea Narici

Hi! I am an Italian musician and composer-songwriter. I have loved marine mammals since forever and I collaborate with researchers since 2017. My work focuses on the use of whale vocalizations in compositions, and on songs about research field stories. The Barcelona workshop was an amazing opportunity to meet so many other artists working for conservation! I felt strongly that we should create a net and develop further collaborations.

Barbara Putnam

Hello— I am a printmaker and quilt artist living in the US.  My  work has always focused on the environment: from open spaces to small tributaries and moving from caution about overuse to now sadly, documenting the disappearance of species and showing our human impact upon the landscape and in the oceans.  My interest is in making science-informed work that communicates a sense of wonder and an urgency to join together for conservation.

Alex South

I am a musician living in Scotland, where I play clarinet and bass clarinet with groups including the Scottish Clarinet Quartet and Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. I’m currently studying for an interdisciplinary PhD on humpback whale song, focusing on its music-like aspects and drawing on methods from bioacoustics and zoömusicology both for scientific research and in order to inform my own compositions and performances. I’m increasingly concerned about the effects on cetaceans of the increasing amount of anthropogenic noise in the oceans.

Maddalena Jahoda

I’m a biologist who studies whales, a journalist who writes about whales and more recently a painter who paints … yes: whales! I started as a researcher with the Tethys Research Institute in Italy, in 1986; I have authored books and popular-science articles and my latest book is supposed to come out this year. In Barcelona I presented Digital Whales and my installation Flukes in the dark meant to point out how intriguing, fragile and precious the Mediterranean sperm whales are.

Richard W Dolan

I am a whale watch naturalist and the artist of Tails of Stellwagen. I studied marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine since 2014. I have illustrated over 100 fluke patterns of individual humpback whales in a population scientifically observed since 1972. I am also drawn to the mechanics of baleen whales, and have created articulated sculptures for over 30 whale watch companies worldwide. I am currently on artist residency in San Juan Island, WA, to observe and illustrate the Resident Southern orcas. New updates will be shared on my website, social media, and market.

Consol Llupià García

Hola! I am the Art Work. My projects are the embodiment of procesual and interelational artwork and are presented as celebrations. My project “La Balena de El Prat a El Prat, is about seeing whales as equals. I want to break the idea of an anthropocentric society and build a new anti-speciesism universe. The bones of this whale were displayed in the entrance of The Barcelona Zoo Park. I aim to return those bones to the Mediterranean Sea in 2020, via a public event that connects professional and effective networks that have arisen from the project.


Picture: Antoni Hervàs

Hey there… I am a Swiss marine biologist, whale researcher, teacher for art and craft and environmental educator combining these fields in my ‘Project 1:1 with Animals’. For 20 years I studied the mind blowing minke whales in Eastern Canada. To share my knowledge gained through science I developed life-sized cetaceans and interactive activities to present various topics at schools and in public. Encounters with the 1:1 animals help to create long-lasting memories and to raise awareness for environmental issues leading up to take personal actions in conservation. After having started in the mid-Nineties with cetaceans, I today produce, also for other disseminators, any aquatic, terrestrial or aerial species; large or small. Visit for more…