Altea Narici (artist), Dr. Luigi Bundone (researcher) & Volker Smit (educator and scientist) 


Our collaboration has developed on different levels. It started by sharing whale vocalization recordings, to create original music related to diverse species with outreach purposes. “FIN” (2018) features killer whales’ vocalizations accompanied by cello and voice – a metaphor for possible dialogues between humanity and the sea’s folks. “Monk seal’s home” (2019) is a folk-style song about the reproductive habitat of Mediterranean Monk Seals, a key factor in the conservation of this endangered species. As a development of the creative work, we aim to organize exhaustive, well-rounded outreach events, that can trigger the audience’s curiosity and involvement through both arts and accurate scientific information. On a scientific-community level, we have collaborated in the organization of the WMMC Workshop “Arts as a tool for communicating Marine Mammal Science”, giving the chance to many artists and researchers involved in the field to meet and connect. We are planning to collaborate in the context of subsequent ECS conferences with similar purposes.